Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Teshuvah College for Melchizedek priests

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About Us

Teshuvah Ministries was established by Isaac and Rebekah Garvin in 2012. Our overarching goal is to promote the heart of Papa towards Israel, young and old. We, ourselves are captured by and in love with  Yahweh Elohim. We recognize that the call on our life is no different than the call on your life: to repent, become light and produce good fruit. Therefore, using our gifts and callings we offer the trumpet of our voices, our experience and abilities to help guide Scattered Israel into the Royal and Everlasting Melchizedek priesthood as she comes out of the nations. At present, Isaac drives truck locally while Rebekah home schools and works the ministry full-time. We live a humble lifestyle and are ehad (one). We offer Yahweh everything we have and pray that he is pleased with our daily sacrifices and that our life is a blessing to him and you. We look forward to meeting you at the Great Wedding Feast of the Lamb! Thank-you for your support.