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  • 1- 8.5 x 11 200 B&W pages THE FEAST OF SHAVUOT HANDBOOK (This huge handbook teaches Shavuot from the Melchizedek perspective. There are tons of celebration ideas, pictures and recipes. This is the must-have for your Shavuot understandin and celebration. Keep this year after year in your Shavuot box to remember what Shavuot is about and how to celebrate it as royal priests in training.)

  • 1- 24 x 54 color MELCHIZEDEK CONTRACT DIAGRAM (to hang on your wall during the Feast and teach from. Showing the change from Levitical Priesthood to Melchizedek Priesthood. A must have!)

  • 1- 18 x 24’ foam mounted SHAVUOT POSTER (to hang on your wall during the Feast and remember what it is about and what we are to do for it)

  • 1- 16 x 20” foam mounted NEW MELCHIZEDEK CONTRCTKETUBAH  (for you and your family to read, sign and keep up on your wall throughout the year)

  • 1- 4.5 x 17” color NEW COVENANTMEZUZZAH DOCUMENT (for you to read, sign and put into your mezuzzah in your door frame)

  • 1- 8.5 x 11, 6 pages, 2-sided color MIKVAHHANDOUT (for you to read before you mikvah on Shavuot. You can copy and give this away)

  • 1-8.5 x 11 SHAVUOT PARALLELS HANDOUT (for you to copy and give away)

  • 1- 5.5 x 8.5 SHAVUOT POEMTABLETOP (a pretty addition to your banquet table)

  • 5- 4.25 x 6.88 POCKET SHAVUOT HANDBOOK (for your baskets to give away)

Celebrate the Feasts of Yahovah from a royal perspective.

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