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These Handbooks are large in comparison to the Haggadah's. A family or the leader would want one of these, but may not want to handout one of these to each guest as they are more expensive. Good as a resource. More complete teachings and Mo'edim celebration suggestions and recipes.

Yom Teruah Handbook

by Isaac and Rebekah Garvin

Smaller than a handbook, these haggadah's will guide you and your guests through the Mo'edim. Pages of information about the Feast and celebration suggestions. Great for giving to your Feast guests for them to follow along and to take home to read.

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Supporting your journey of doing the Feasts of Yahovah.

Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Purchase our PDF version of our online "Characteristics of a Melchizedek Priest"



Guiding you into a Melchizedek perspective.

Characteristics of a Melchizedek Priest Workbk

by Rebekah Garvin

Yom Teruah

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Teshuvah College for Melchizedek priests

These workbooks guide you into personal or group reflection. Different from the Haggadah's in that they are for you to write in. Additional content to the Haggadah's or Handbooks.

The Ascension Workbook

by Isaac and Rebekah Garvin


Characteristics Course

The Ascension