Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Teshuvah College for Melchizedek priests

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1) Can you travel?

Then join our National Mo'edim Event Community and come experience in-person our expression of them throughout the year. Join us for all the Feasts year-round or just make our National Sukkot your "go-to Sukkot" where you will be rejuvenated and encouraged to go back home and DO in your community the rest of the year.



2) Can't Travel?
Then be inspired by our photos and videos to DO the Commandments. Buy our resources and start by LEARNING from us. Then you and your family begin to LIVE the rhythm out until it becomes part of you. And then. TELL others by inviting others to join you for Yah's Mo'edim where you live.


By example, the process our ministry encourages is 3-fold:

Our experience has taught us that believers actually need to learn how to celebrate the mo'edim. There are many great teachers who preach about the mo'edim or the Feasts of the Lord, but where are the teachers who are teaching how to actually do the mo'edim? Learning about and celebrating (or rehearsing) them are 2 totally different things. One might become moved through a teaching to observe the mo'edim, but then the question becomes: "how exactly do I do that?" How does one actually transform information into delight and bring the rhythm into our homes or and into our communities?

First, we must LEARN about Yahovah's ways and his rhythm (da'at), then we LIVE in it (repentance and ye'da). Then (and only then) are we ready to TELL others about the rhythm ("fishing for men" / the Great Commission). To get LEARN.LIVE.TELL. out of order causes chaos, leads others astray and makes your work ineffective for the King!

We hope, by our example, to give people permission to explore the Feasts of Yahweh. Teshuvah Ministries is passionate about hosting his Mo'edim in a manner that invites all the senses into the experience––with the goal of impressing Yah's ways on our children and in their hearts so they always remember him! Our observance is our repentance.

3) Are you a woman who is helping your family walk into repentance? Who coordinates Mo'edim events for your area?
Then attend our Ladies of Teshuvah Workshops and feel encouraged, share and get some great ideas to apply to your families journey.

Here's how we want to support your journey into DOING repentance:

Melchizedek priests are people who are called to DO the Royal (Melchizedek) Law. A huge part of the Melchizedek Law and repenting is ditching the pagan holy days and turning (teshuvah) to embracing the rhythm of Yahovah's Mo'edim, Feasts and Festivals! This is where the rubber of repentance hits the road.