Do you believe in the message that we need to stop downloading information and start learning HOW to do this walk of repentance? Do you want to help your lady friends understand and apply repentance to their lives? Do you want to help Rebekah spread the word?

If so....

Do you like to plan events? Could you gather a crowd for Rebekah to talk about what repentance looks like on a woman? If so, join Rebekah and host this Workshop in your area! Details are below.



"Yesterday was AMAZING! I've been looking for a way to learn more about the feasts for SO long and I know that yesterdays workshop was just the beginning of some great dedication on my part to make sure that moving forward I am doing all I can in my power, with Yhwh's help, to bring the feats into our family's "rhythm" too. I hope to see you all again, Yhwh willing."

–Jessica McQuire

"So glad to have been at your presentation. You did a super job. I could tell your heart was fully committed to teaching and sharing with us."

–Karie Riley

"I wish you lived near me so I could get to know you more and have you teach me. I, too, feel really alone. in my walk here. My mom is new to this walk, but with the memory issues I have, trying to teach her when I can't explain to her why I believe what I do, is really hard."

–Jerri Lynn Morton

"I feel like YHWH is removing so many distractions right now so that I can really have the time to dedicate to learning his ways. And then you show up :-) and I feel like this is the most amazing opportunity to learn just how it all is to be done. No more unlearning. "

–Jessica McQuire

"There was so much wonderful information to glean from you yesterday, as well as your passion for the Truth, our Creator and our Messiah and YHUH's feasts and our role in teaching them to our family. Thank you SO much for sharing that passion and info with us, I know we were all very very blessed."

–Ryna Kaufman

View Rebekah's video on her favorite Leader, whom she wants to lead like :-)





Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Isaac, Rebekah and girls

Teshuvah College for Melchizedek priests

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We need someone to  sponsor a Workshop in....

Seattle, WA

April 29-30, 2017

Ladies of Teshuvah from Rebekah's first Ladies of Teshuvah Workshop in Spokane Washington, 2017, hosted by Kendall Burgess.


"You are such an amazing wealth of knowledge, great and dedicated teacher, full of love for Elohim! Such an inspiration. Even when you're tired or have technical difficulties."

–Ryan Kaufman​​

​"In my quest to seek 1st the Kingdom has propelled me in directions that have shaken me 2 my core. I. know your teaching have been placed before me for consideration and I will, as always be ready 2 hear HIS word. Thank y ou of the time you have committed 2 us. I pray as always and in all thingsss that Yahweh be ever present and HIS will 2 be continually do ne. Thank you for all that you do and Shalom Aleichem Rebekah."

– Sally Mahar


Dianne Davison is hosting Rebekah in...

Dyersburg, TN

May 6-7, 2017