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Isaac, Rebekah and girls

Teshuvah College for Melchizedek priests

Repenting will affect your entire life. From what you do during the holidays and how you treat each other to what you do in the kitchen. It will affect what you do on vacation to how you deal with school and work. Repenting is not saying "I'm sorry" and then continuing in the same patterns. Simply put: repenting is walking out change. It's making new habits where we are not inline with Yahweh's Royal Law (found in Ex.19-24) and Yahshua's command to Love YHVH, others and yourself. Becoming purified silver is not a comfortable process. We all know that lifestyle changes are not easy, they affect us at our core. But they are crucial for repentance. So, we want to encourage you to make those necessary changes. Live your life as a verb according to the Instructions and you will grow in holiness. Repenting is how you prepare to meet your King and Bridegroom!

A Royal Lifestyle

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