Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Keeping it Simple: ONE

The Narrow Path to the Happily-Ever-After is hard to travel, but very simple. It was super complicated for Yahovah, Elohim to create, but with humbleness and endurance it is super simple for his people to walk.

Talking heads are wolves in sheep's clothing and they are making this process for Scattered Israel way too complicated. They are trapping people in the the stage of da'at (head information) and not helping them understand how to move to ye'da (heart knowledge) and actually do this walk.

The true gospel is simple: Yahshua came for the lost sheep of Israel (the Scattered 10 tribes known as Ephraim or Israel). His sacrifice pays the price for our sin of adultery against Yahweh Elohim and allows us to come back be restored to the Family of Yahweh. The call of the Scriptures is simple: Repent and fall in love with Yahweh Elohim. Keep it simple, people! In the future you will be able to click on each "ONE" below for a short video teaching. To help us make this happen please donate toward the equipment needed here. Thank-you.