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We get a lot of questions. Here are some simple answers.


Because that is a man made lesson plan. Papa Yahweh already has a lesson plan that we are to follow. It is the Feast rhythm.

He wants us to study certain things at certain times of the year and his Feasts guide us into those topics. If we follow the parsha that the religious leaders (rabbis) invented then we miss out on the opportunity to think about, study about, pray about and talk about during the cycle of "study" Yahweh created.

As a quick example, let's say it is Shavuot. What is the parsha on? I guarantee it is not about Shavuot.

Also, when we just read the first 5 books of the Scriptures we ignore the entire rest of the Scripture. As priests of Yahshua we should be studying his words as well -- he was speaking his Father's words! All you need to know, every topic you need to study is found in the Feasts.

It's simple, people! Religious nonsense makes it so complicated! (And by the way, we would all be studying the same thing at the same time if we followed Yahweh's Feast Calendar as our weekly lesson plan!)

Because the command to wear the tzitzit came as Yahweh's reaction to Israel not remembering to obey him after their breach of the first Contract (Old Covenant) at the base of Mt. Sinai (Num. 15:37-41). This problem was fixed with the gift of the Ruach ha'Kodesh living in our hearts with the superior Contract (the New Covenant).

If you read it came right after a man was caught not honoring the Sabbath day. Yahweh had to help Israel remember and show them how serious not obeying was––so he had the man put to death. The wearing of "tassels on the corners of your garments"  command came on the heals of that incident. Tzitzit wearing was thus instituted by Yahweh during the Levitical order (not earlier in the original Melchizedek order). We DIVIDE the Word of TRUTH. Therefore, among many other heavy commands in the extra Levitical Law we can see that Tzitzit wearing was also done away with at the death and Resurrection of our Messiah, because Yahshua nailed the extra Levitical Book of the Law that was "set against us" (Deut. 31:26; Col 2:14) to the cross.

Yes, he wore tzitzit all his life, because he was under the Levitical Law. But his sacrifice set us free from that bandaid and brought something that would fix the situation –– a new heart that was moved to obey. We can see that what remains is the Everlasting Royal Law (Ex. 19-24) and keeping it in the power of the New Contract (the New Covenant). This new and only available Contract comes with the New Heart with the Ruach ha'Kodesh living in it moving us from the inside to obey. We do not need any external props like tzitzit or tefillin (phylacteries) to remind us to keep the commandments. Why? Because our hearts are circumcised to Yahovah. This is the point, people!

Even an orthodox Jew who has worn tzitzit all his life knows that you are not under the Law (the Levitical Law) after you die. They cut off the tzitzit once they have died.  We guarantee that Yahshua did not come out of the grave wearing tzitzit! Therefore, when we go into the water to mikvah we should wear tzitzit in and cut them off when we come out of the water, as a symbol of the fact that we die with Yahshua to the Law that once condemed us (reminding us that we committed adultery and worshiped other gods starting with the Golden Calf incident) and we are raised to life into Yahshua's "burden is easy, his yolk is light" Melchiedek reality.

To wear tzitzit is to ignore and reject the work of Yahshua who restored Yahovah's original idea (a royal nation of priests) and it is to reject Yahovah's solution to the human heart problem.

WAS THE EARTH MADE IN 6 DAYS, 6,000 or 60,000,000 YEARS?
We  are Young Earth Creationists. The Scriptures and nature are witnesses that Earth was made in 6 literal days (6-24 hour periods).

We can be sure of this for many reasons.

One reason in particular is that Yahweh Elohim made vegetation on the third day BEFORE he created the sunshine on the fourth day. He purposely made the plants to need the sunshine to survive. No plants would have been able to survive without the sunshine for 1,000 years (if a day is equal to a thousand years as some claim in the Day Age Theory, see While waiting for the sun to be created they would have died. But they would have been able to survive for 24 hours though.

Also, In the Genesis account we see that Yom (the Hebrew word for "day") is added to a number –– as in a list. Genesis records that the Creator defined a day as "evening and morning." This 24 hour period to a day is undisputed. We do not experience vast time between our evenings and our mornings––it is a simple 24-hour period.  "So when we read evening and morning together it clearly means an ordinary day."  (

To us, a literal 6-day (24 hour periods) Creation is a duh!

Because it is a man-made holy day. It is "set apart" by man. It is treated like a Shabbat.

Before you say, "Oh, Rebekah! Stop it! I’m tired of surrendering things! This is the only holiday left for me to meet with my family and friends! It isn't that bad!” Please let me explain.

Why did we choose to not celebrate the 4th of July anymore? Well, the simple answer is because it is a man-made holy day––as in, it is "set apart" by man. It is treated like a Shabbat. Stores close down. People get work off. They buy special clothes to wear. They buy special food for a celebration. They rest. They play. They decorate. They gather. They celebrate. They have a parade. (When was the last time we had a parade for Yahweh our Elohim?)

We are not saying that the Scriptures say that it is wrong to remember birthdays, anniversaries, independence or good things that happen in our life. But Papa has already told us what days we are to work and to rest. He has told us what days are extra special and for what reason. He’s told us when we get off work to celebrate, party, relax, rest and fellowship together–– every 7th day (Shabbat) and the 7 annual Shabbats throughout the year. He's even told us WHAT he wants us to celebrate and what topics to talk about. Of course, marking special moments in our life with celebrations isn’t wrong, but when the whole nation annually sets apart a certain day and treats it like a Shabbat –– there is a problem. To continue to refuse to set apart the days Yahovah has asked us to celebrate in favor of man-made ones is rebellion. Until we have Papa's rhythm down and are honoring all his Holy Days (weekly, monthly and yearly) we really shouldn’t be looking at, focusing on, spending money on or honoring any other "set apart" day.

Excusing and allowing one man-made "holy day" into our summer will make it easier to allow the winter ones back into our life. A little leaven leavens the whole lump sort-of-thing.

Let’s take the energy we spend on the Fourth of July where we honor people and institutions for ‘saving us’ and turn to honor the One who truly saves us, Yahovah our Elohim. Let’s stop honoring the country of our affliction, the country where we sojourn, the country where we remain exiles and turn to consider that Yahovah has commanded us to return to the Land he chose for us to live in. Let’s stop entangling the hearts of our children in man-made holy days and teach our children the true Holy Day rhythm of Yahweh Elohim our Creator!

I’m very thankful for the freedoms we do have here in America, but I’m also clear on what a counterfeit holy day looks like. So, I cry out to Israel to be consistent, careful and consumed with Papa Yahweh’s rhythm only–––spring, summer, fall and winter. I call out to Israel to fall back in love with the Creator and forget all the ways of your youth, at all costs.

Be thankful, be on your knees, but don't forget WHO you should be honoring and WHEN he wants to be honored.

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