Yahweh's calendar is the Mo'edim. To find this calendar rhythm Biblically we must use Yahweh's own instructions found in our Scriptures about how to find his Mo'edim post-flood. There is another Melchizedek ministry that is choosing to use an outside Biblical source to promote the use of the pre-flood Enochian or Patriarcial Calendar. Following this teaching of using a sundial to find the Creator's Feasts will lead you into chaos-making. You will be way off on reckoning the time of the Feasts. While it maybe that there was an equal calendar prior to the Flood, it is not the instructions we find Yahweh giving Israel to use now We know that something happened to the yearly cycle during the Flood. Things are not the same. It is the Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon method that Yahweh laid out for us in the Torah. The clues that point us to the proper reckoning of time is found in his establishment of the "Month of Aviv" and the command to "observe" the months. We keep and teach the Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon reckoning of time, because it is most in line with what the Torah commands, it is the simplist to follow, it is what history says was kept at the time of Rabbi Yahshua and he never challenged the religious leaders about the calendar in use at the time.  We are a Melchizedek ministry that uses and teaches how to use the Creators Calendar to reckon time in order to find the Feasts.

Download Mind-Map Study of Ps. 81

A study that reveals that Ps. 81 tells us when we are to celebrate the Pilgrimage Feasts.

The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar

We highly recommend you get this beautiful calendar from Michael Rood and his team to help guide you and your family through how to find the Feasts using the Creator's reckoning of time.

Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon

Teshuvah Ministries honors the Creator's Calendar by keeping his Feasts according to the Biblical reckoning of time (the Creator's Calendar). We believe that the Scriptures reveal, the Feasts verify, history supports, Yahshua's life confirms and his royal priests will uphold the following simple rhythm:

  • Days are reckoned as evening to evening

  • Weeks start at sunset at the end of the weekly Shabbat (the 7th day, Saturday)

  • Months start at the sighting of the new moon

  • The Head of the Year (when we start our 14-day count to Pesach) is the first sighted moon after the barley in Israel is found to be aviv. If the barley is not aviv there is a 13th month added to the calendar. (YHVH named the first of our months "Aviv")

Download Our Calendar Study Guide #1 (Aviv Barley)

A study that reveals that Ps. 81 tells us when we are to celebrate the Pilgrimage Feasts.


Download Our Calendar Study Guide #2 (Sighted Moon)

A study that reveals that Ps. 81 tells us when we are to celebrate the Pilgrimage Feasts.

Link to 13th Month Study

Lev's Mo'edim Study

Download Biblical Proof of a 13th Month PDF

Author unknown. This study prooves that there is a 13th Month in the Scriptures.

Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon have spent their entire lives (40+ years) studying and researching the Biblical calendar with other scholars. We consider them experts in this area. What they have found lines up with Scripture and produces good fruit!

"Each day begins at sunset; each week begins at the sunset at the end of the Sabbath (the seventh day); each month begins with the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon; and the beginning of the year is determined at the new moon when the barley crop in Israel has reached the stage of maturity referred to as aviv. This was Israel’s national calendar from the time of our constitution at Mt. Sinai until long after our dispersion by Rome. It was the reckoning by which the Feasts were conducted during the first and second Temple periods, and it was the exact schedule by which the Jewish followers of Yahshua continued to keep the Feasts after his resurrection. This reckoning of time can be understood by the smallest child and accurately determined by illiterate herdsmen. This is the simple calendar by which the appointed times of our Creator have always been reckoned and observed. He never changed them. He never changes. No one need be ignorant of His times and His seasons as long as we follow His method of marking the days, weeks, months, years, Sabbath years, Jubilee years, and millennia.” –– Michael Rood

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