Repentant Chavah is a “Lady of Teshuvah” and her beauty is much needed in Papa Yah’s effort to win the war raging on Adam’s heart and the hearts of her children!

Teshuvah means "to repent" or "to return." To return where? Back to YHVH and his way of doing things. I see the Scriptures saying that a repentant woman is one who comes out of the darkness of idolatry to step into the light of True worship and sacrifice. As she walks towards the Kingdom of Yahweh she will unlearn the ways of the pagans that she has adopted (knowingly or unknowingly) and then she will begin to enter her role as a “lady of his Kingdom.” This is a powerful position for there are assignments that come with this role that are specific to women. A man can not do what she does. He’s not supposed to. He has another role to play. Both Adam and Chavah must play their respective roles in order to walk in oneness and in the full power of repentance. I am here to speak to women about their role.

So, are you hungry to know what it is that the Creator needs you to do? Are you a Lady of Teshuvah? Do you want to be? Let me teach you what that looks like. Join the Ladies of Teshuvah Facebook Group, join a Workshop or take the Online Course -- Let's talk!

Rebekah Garvin, 2018

Are you a "Lady of Teshuvah?"

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