Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.

The Characteristics of a Melchizedek Priest Workbook

by Rebekah Garvin, Teshuvah Ministries

Teshuvah College presents it's first online course as a handy workbook PDF! This workbook consists of 10 simple multiple-choice tests (approx 32 questions in each test). The workbook helps students consider if they have the royal characteristics Yahshua said his priests would have. This is a very important course as students will get a chance to do a basic audit of their life and discover or re-discover what pleases YHVH. 102.1 TC Melchizedek Studies.



Available as a PDFOR AS AN ONLINE COURSE for $12


The PDF (digital file) is for the buyers use only. Purchase permits buyer to make 5 copies for their Ascension celebration. More copies require another purchase. Purchase does not allow buyer to pass the digital file on to others. All rights reserved.