Covenants of Promise

Understanding of Scriptural Grace and Covenant Salvation

by Dr. David L. Perry, Th.D.

Edited by Isaac and Rebekah Garvin

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Promoting a Biblical and simple understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood

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Of those that even start at Church; Most start at a Sunday Church of some kind. Some start out at a Sabbath Church – Some go on to explore the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. You will soon find that there's a 'mix' everywhere you go – the recipes are different; but it's a 'mix' nonetheless. The Church (Sunday & Sabbath) tend to ignore the OT (specifically Torah) in favor of the NT. But they keep Sunday and Holidays a resemblance of the law (ref. Lev.23) as if it was the law. Most Sabbath Churches keep the Sunday style calender religious Holidays just the same, justifying to ignore Yahweh's “mow'edim.” The Judeao-Christian Church (in general) has divorced itself from its Hebrew roots. And those that do explore the Hebrew roots are faced with another set of un-discerned truth and errors. Most Messianics are enamored by anything 'Jewish.' In this book you will discover the Truth about the Covenant to go forward in your quest for it