We need your monthly support as Rebekah teaches Ladies across the country what Biblical repentance looks like on them!

Women were created and designed to be an ezer kenegdo. It is crucial to know what that means and then to embrace this unique assignment. Rebekah wants to teach women the meaning of ezer kenegdo and how to operate as one. Restored beauty is much needed in YHVH’s effort to win the war raging on Adam’s heart and the hearts of our children. Women must repent. Women must return. Return where? Back to YHVH and his plan for and design of a woman.

“Rebekah, I what to say "thank you!" I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. You have given me the most amazing gift in my heart and that is Truth. I love that you have a heart for Yahshua. The gift of his Truth that is speaking to me I just don’t have words for. When Papa asked me to dance with him this morning  (I’m in tear) he said, "If you don’t know the steps I will teach you." I have learned for the first time in my life when you follow his commands and walk in rhythm you are laying your life down. I’m so excited to walk with my Papa and I will be his bride. Rebekah I love you so much for sharing your life experiences with us and Papa is going to bless you and your family for laying everything in your life down. Thank you so much for being apart of my journey. Your blessed sister because he used you to bring Yahshua to me.”

Darlene Williamson
May 8, 2018

Ladies, join Rebekah and discover your Royal Calling!