Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.

Introducing a small and unique Bible school for children ages 7-14 in North Idaho.  

Students will study the Scriptures and gain a variety of skill-sets while spending their childhood days in the country. My mission is to give kiddos (my students) the opportunity to learn and spend their days in a safe, low-stress childhood-friendly natural home environment where they will grow into happy, healthy human beings who know their Creator and his plan for them while at the same time learn skills that will serve them all their life.

Limited seats: 7 students

Lunch provided: Homemade and organic

Tuition: $475/month (4 days a week). Pay via cash, paypal or check (make checks out to "Rebekah Garvin") at time of registration. Financial arrangements can be made to pay partial tuition every 2 weeks of $237.50.

Contact information: Rebekah Garvin 208-651-2531

Facebook Page:

Days: Monday-Thursday

School starts:

School hours:
9am to 3:30pm

Facility: Little School in the Big Woods operates out of our log cabin home and on the 27 acre property surrounding it.

Location: Private location 20 minutes East of Coeur d'Alene

Studies include: Bible study from a Hebraic perspective, sign language, outdoor nature activities, photography, art, reading, writing, crafts, cooking and baking, drama, music, outdoor survival, team work, animal husbandry, basic math, speech and a variety of other skill-sets. I focus on creating "bodies of work" instead of doing busy work.

Drop off and pick up location (optional): We will have a drop off and pickup location half-way between the school and Coeur d'Alene (8:30 am and 4:00pm). Parents are welcomed to drive all the way out to the school everyday if they want to and hang out for awhile as well. Parents will need to drive their students out to the cabin the first day of school and attend open house nights and other events we will have.

Instructors: Rebekah Garvin (me) and my daughter (Maggie)

Summer Camp: Students will receive 25% off of that next year's Summer Camp

Little School in the Big Woods