The mission of Teshuvah Ministries is to walk in step with Rabbi Yahshua and promote a simple understanding of the Melchizedek Priesthood and what it means to repent and return.

With a focus on women, youth and families we strive to teach the Larger Story we all have been born into, what the narrow path of repentance is and how to be a Melchizedek priest who delights in Papa Yah's ways. Our goal is to set women free from religion by showing them what Yah's "ezer kenegdo" design was made to be and do and to remove the chaos-making of the Messianic movement by showing the hungry that the path to the Happily-Ever-After is clear, simple and completely doable thanks to the work of Yahshua. We are constantly trying to find effective methods of communicating to our demographic in a way that will achieve the goals that have been laid on our hearts.

Mission Statement