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weekly walk of quiet hunger and faith as I daily seek Papa's blessings as he wishes to give the resources, attendance and calls we need. But just so you know it is not like you probably think. We struggle. Struggle to pay the bills. Struggle to figure out what works and what doesn't. Struggle to press on. Struggle with confidence. Struggle to grow and thrive. We are just following our hearts, working hard while waiting for Papa to provide and help us thrive. Six days of the week my days start around 4:30 am as I juggle working for Papa and being a wife and mom. I'm not asking for your sympathy for this is what I happily want to do. I just want to thrive and bless Papa and Israel by using the talents he has given me for his purposes. Though I wish I didn't have to ask, I do need your help to continue and press on. No matter what I will keep fishing and "seeking first the Kingdom of YHVH and his righteousness..." until he says to stop. Thank-you for your monthly support!

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You may think that there are lots of people on our email list or in our area who support us or flock to our summer camp, workshops, videos etc. But it's not like that. Developing this ministry has simply been a labor of love -- done in isolation out of our mountain tipi and then our little log cabin in the woods. This year we have begun separating ministry and home by stepping out in faith to get a small office to operate out of. Paying for the new expenses has been a

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