Though we deeply love our brother Judah, appreciate all they have done to preserve the Torah and ancient Feasts and Festivals of YHVH and though we long for the restoration of the whole House of Israel, we are not Jewish. We are similar to our brother Judah in the fact we keep Shabbat, celebrate Yahovah's Holy Days, and believe that the Words of Yahovah are found in the Torah, but we can not say we are Jewish because of 3 main reasons:


We will never participate in the denial of Yahshua, the Messiah who has already come the first time born of a virgin; whom the religious leaders rejected and murdered; who was raised from the dead; whom the Torah and the Prophets prophecy of; and of whom the Brit ha'Dashah (the New Testement) testifies to. Yahshua is Elohim. He is the Son of YHVH. He was the Lamb of YHVH. He is the Bread of Life. Eating of him is the only way by which we are saved. We can not deny Yahshua ha'Mashiach like Judiasm requires and like so many in the Messianic movement are now embracing.


We do not adhere to the heavy man-made rules of the rabbis (their takanot and ma'asem). Their Oral law is man-made, their calendar is man-made, their ban on the Name is man-made and their parsha is man-made. The Levitical system they are trying to operate under has long since been done away with and made in-operatable through the work of Yahshua, whom they reject. They are completely ignoring the change provided for in Torah (Gen. 49:10) that Yahshua enacted by his coming.


We, ourselves are not from the line of Judah or Levi (as far as we know) and therefore, sadly can not make allyiah in Yah's Land (the land of Israel) due to the rabbi's control still in the Land.

We are Not Jewish