Though we love all our Messianic and Hebrew Roots friends we are not Messianic. Yes, we are similar to Messianic or Hebrew Roots people in that we believe repentance is to turn back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and keep the Torah we do not consider ourselves Messianic for one major reason:


There was something nailed to the cross: the Levitical Law. Yahshua came to do away with that "which was set against us." Col . 2:14; Deut. 31:26

This was the extra law that came after Israel broke their initial agreement with YHVH at the base of Mt. Sinai. This extra law was place on the outside of the Ark of the Covenant to remind Israel that they had broken the agreement by committing idolatry.

Yahshua came to restore YHVH's original intent: the Melchizedek priesthood. His work renders the Levitical priesthood now in-operatable. He is now the High Priest in his Father's Royal Order. This is a big deal because Messianics in general are ignoring the work of Yahshua and the restoration that YHVH Elohim has worked so hard to establish.

We are seeking to correctly divide the Word of Truth to find the ancient and narrow path. This Melchizedek path is very narrow. There is a Torah provision for the change in priesthoods that would occure with the work of Yahshua. This is a change that occurred IN Torah. This is not a change TO Torah. "Until Shiloh [the Messiah] comes..." Gen. 49:10.

We are Not Messianic or Hebrew Roots

Therefore, we do not keep all 613 laws, nor do we wear tzitzits on the corners of our garments, because that means we believe we are under the Levitical, imposed "due to transgressions" law. We keep the Everlasting Royal Law found in Ex.19-24 and all surrounding Melchizedek Issues found before Ex.19 that are expounded upon in the Royal Law or after in the Levitical Law.

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