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Keeping it Simple: ONE

Keep it simple, people! The Narrow Path to the Happily-Ever-After is simple to understand. There are too many teachers who are making this process of return for Scattered Israel way too complicated, heavy and chaotic. They are self-serving, power hungry and have what I call "Moses envy." These talking heads are trapping people in the the stage of da'at (head information) and not helping the hungry understand how to move to ye'da (heart knowledge) and actually DO this walk of repentance. Therefore, we are dedicated to moving your head knowledge into heart knowledge through simplifying the Story and the call of the Scriptures.

We will be creating a video BLOCK (a series) called "ONE." In the future you will be able to click on each "ONE" below for a short video teaching. To help us make this happen please donate toward the equipment needed here.Thank-you.