One must LEARN the Story to LIVE it. Then one must LIVE the Story in order to TELL it.

Mission Statement:  Teshuvah College is a School of the Prophets where students of many ages are trained in YHVH's Melchizedek Covenant then released into the world to live as royal priests for Yahshua. Our vision is to empower the NOW generation to love, obey and delight in the ways of YHVH with the indwelling of the Ruach ha'Kodesh––all while they chose fields of study from which to offer their talents to YHVH's Story and Yahshua's Melchizedek priesthood!

Teshuvah College empowers young people to offer their own unique gifts to the Kingdom of YHVH. Those gifts have been placed in our hearts by our Creator, therefore Teshuvah College places a high value on the heart.

Teshuvah College seeks to approach every aspect of its operation from a royal priesthood perspective. We are actively choosing, using and promoting Hebrew Melchizedek thought. We are convinced that the best way to learn is by doing. Therefore Teshuvah College seeks to provide a wealth of hands-on experiences. Those experiences are centered in the Feasts of YHVH and the Melchizedek Covenant, both of which are offered and explained within the framework of The Larger Story.

Teshuvah College is in the development stage. It is not a brick-n-morter place... yet. :-)