Everyday, our family works diligently alongside the Ruach ha'Kodesh seeking out Scattered Israel and creating resources to feed them as they come out of the nations. Our goal is to provide community for our daughters and to do the assignment that the King is calling us to.

We are driven by:

  • Our deep love for Yahovah Elohim and the hope of prosperity and a beautiful future with him
  • Our daily desire to live out repentance ourselves, leave a legacy and level paths for others who follow us
  • The desire to show up to the King's coronation with as many costly gifts as we can create

And the need we see:

  • To assemble an archive for our girls and their families to consult as they establish their own homes
  • To help Israel transfer head knowledge to heart knowledge and live in Yahshua's freedom
  • To show Israel how to obey from delight not duty

3 ways to help us thrive and support our work:


Thank you!

Teshuvah Ministries and You:

A Note from Rebekah:

You may think that there are lots of people on our email list or in our area who support us or flock to our summer camp, workshops, videos etc. But it's not like that. Developing this ministry has simply been a labor of love -- done in isolation out of our mountain tipi and then our little log cabin in the woods. I daily seek Papa's blessings as he wishes to give us the resources  we need. But just so you know it is not like you probably think. We struggle. Struggle to pay the bills. Struggle to figure out what works and what doesn't. Struggle to press on. Struggle with confidence. Struggle to grow and thrive. We are just following our hearts, working hard while waiting for Papa to provide and help us thrive. Six days of the week my days start around 4:30 am as I juggle working for Papa and being a wife and mom. I'm not asking for your sympathy for this is what I happily want to do. I just want to thrive and bless Papa and Israel by using the talents he has given me for his purposes. Though I wish I didn't have to ask, I do need your help to continue and press on. No matter what I will keep fishing and "seeking first the Kingdom of YHVH and his righteousness..." until he says to stop. Thank-you for your monthly support!

We hope to be a light for those coming out of organized religion into the Melchizedek Priesthood and away from false teachers. We seek to provide leaven-free National Melchizedek Feast Events for Israel and to inspire happy, normal people to join a growing community of  hungry people who want to learn HOW to operate in this royal priesthood and honor the King.

We are calling the Scattered house of Israel (you) to come back to Yahweh. Come learn, experience and observe Yahweh’s ways, his calendar and his true holy-day rhythm with us. Respond to the call of the Ruach ha’Kodesh upon your own journey. Our prayer is that Israel would have eyes to see and ears to hear –– and then have feet and hands that DO the commands of YHVH in the power of the New Melchizedek Covenant (Contract) with love and delight! :-)

But like all others, we need your financial support to continue. Join us and help us thrive! If our ministry has touched your life or you believe in what we do, then please partner with us to make simple, well lit and level paths for Scattered Israel coming out of the nations. We do this full time and depend solely upon Yahovah to be our Provision. If the Ruach is prompting you – please support us. The more you partner with us the more we can do. Thank-you!

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