Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits Overview" (00:15:06)


(Passover) Overview

Torah Command:

When is it?:14th day of the 1st Month (the month of Aviv)

We are to:.

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There has been some misunderstanding about whether we 'sacrifice' at Pesach. We DO NOT sacrifice (or kill in anyway) a lamb for Passover! One too many people confuse us with other groups here in the North Idaho area who do practice that. But let it be known that we don't! We believe that to sacrifice a lamb for the Seder is a direct rejection of the work of Yahshua, the Messiah! Therefore, we stay as far away from that as possible. We serve 'substitute lamb' (a vegetarian meat substitute) for the Seder to remind us that Yahshua was the sacrifice for all time and that he was our substitute!

Anyone who gets a year-old perfect lamb, brings it into the home for a period of time before Pesach and then kills it for the Seder meal is performing a sacrifice. You can argue with us until you are blue in the face that you are a meat-eater and regularly slaughter your own meat. But we contend that if a special lamb is gotten, loved and then sacrificed for Pesach you are in violation of being a true believer! Yes, it was a sacrifice that was required long ago, but not anymore. Shaul (Paul) makes it very clear that there is no need for animal blood anymore because of the superior blood of our Messiah! Shaul also talks about one way we are to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread: we are to purge the yeast (people living in sin) from our assemblies. I will make a bold statement that may cost me some friends: if people in your assembly are 'sacrificing' then you must purge them from your assembly--they are rejecting Yahshua's sacrifice! Please do not reject the work of our Messiah, Yah-shuah by participating in this practice!