Yahshua and the Royal Law detail out how we are to love others. We just want to make a few suggestions on how to guard your heart and how to keep friends.

The following are 12 suggestions for more successful friendships during this very incredible

and unstable time in history:

1) Take Time

We know you are lonely. Most all of us are and so we tend to jump into fellowship too quickly. But we encourage you to go slow! Give the needed time for new friendships to mature before you unload your entire story on them or expect to much from them. Take the pressure off of that one person or family being your everything. Go slow and your new relationships will have a better chance at blossoming, being true and lasting forever. Earning the right to speak into someone's life takes time.

2) Give Grace and Space

Give new friends the dignity of a journey (remember you have had a journey). Speak the truth, but don't demand that another person be where you are at in your journey. Let Elohim be Elohim and do the moving. You're job is to do the speaking, inviting, modeling, loving and letting go. Give the other person grace and space for the journey that their life has been on. You have no idea what they have endured, gone through or all the challenges that have brought them to the point they are –– to be the person they are today.ds with honey than vinegar.

It is in the making of and being a friend where your royal fruits will show the most!

Get on the Melchizedek Priesthood Community Map!

You will be placed in a calendar layer according to how you find the Feasts. This will make it easier for you to find people to celebrate at the same time with. Until the King returns and gets us all on the same reckoning of time, we are trying to address the needs of the Royal Priesthood by adding this map calendar layer. We hope this blesses your journey to find friends and support. To be added to the map, please click the "add me" button and you will be taken to our online form. Your information will be reviewed and you will be added to the map as soon as possible. This map is for Melchizedek priests (people with the Melchizedek mindset) and/or for people who are interested in learning more about this royal priesthood. If you are of the Messianic/Levitical (rabbinical) mindset there are other google maps for you. Of course, you are invited to learn and 'cross over' to the Melchizedek understanding and join this map, but until you are 100% sold out to Yahshua's Melchizedek Way please do NOT add your name. If we discover that you or your group is living and/or teaching the Levitical mindset and/or rabbinics (leaven) you or your fellowship will be removed. Thank-you!

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Global Melchizedek Community Map



Click on the top right of the map to see the full toggle to see the calendar layers showing see who is finding the Feasts like you do across the Globe.

Teshuvah Ministries does not necessarily endorse or know the beliefs of every individual or fellowship on this map. We have no idea what they believe or how they will treat you. We also do not know what their understanding of how to live in the Melchizedek Way goes. Therefore, though great care will be taken when adding people to the map please keep in mind that we all must use wisdom and discernment when making friends or when we listen to a teacher, buy into a theory or join anything. We, here at Teshuvah Ministries are not into micro-managing another human being (neither is Papa). Therefore, this map is just here to assist you in finding fellowship, we don't intend to be your mamma. :-)