Camp Hadassah



Please have your camper bring:

• Warm sleeping bag

• Pad to sleep on

• Summer clothes (shorts, sundresses, t-shirts, tank tops all okay)

• Warm clothes (pants, sweatshirt) for mornings and evenings

• A warm jacket (it cools down at night in the mountains)

• Swimsuit, sandals and towel (bikinis for girls are fine)

• Hiking boots and tall socks

• Your water bottle to re-fill throughout the week

• Your Scriptures

• Some money to spend at the "camp store" (if we have a store yet)

• Personal items for showering, brushing your teeth and hair etc.

• A tent, if possible to share with other campers

Cost: $195 per camper

Early Bird Discount: $159 for registrations placed before April 30th

Location: TBA

Camp Date: TBA FOR 2019 (Thursday -Sunday)

Arrival Times: 2pm on Thursday

Pick up Time: 2pm on Sunday (late pickup option NOT available, sorry!)

Ages: Ages 7-18; boys and girls welcomed

Registration Open until –  August 10 (or until camp is full)

2018 Camp Staff:

Program Directors: Rebekah and Hadassah Garvin

Boy's Counselor: Isaac Garvin

Girl's Counselor: Rebekah Garvin




Camp Director; Girls Director and Programing: Rebekah Garvin

Rebekah (Hadassah's mom) is happy to follow Hadassah's lead and help Hadassah be successful, because she herself has always wanted a camp of her own. Rebekah is currently the Executive Director of Teshuvah Ministries.

Rebekah's work at Summer Camp is extensive. She attended Big Lake Summer Camp in Oregon most of her growing up years. In college she worked at Camp Cedar Falls in Southern California then Camp MiVoden in North Idaho. As an adult she worked for 600 Christian Camps across the country helping them advertise their summer programs and she spent hundreds of hours in volunteer work helping directors with their campfire programs. For nearly a decade she ran a successful Worthy Camper Scholarship Program and sent thousands of dollars to camps so that they could accept children who couldn't afford to other-wise be there. Rebekah was part of the Christian Camping Industry for nearly 15 years. She served the campers as a Girls Counselor, Waterfront Director, Swim Instructor, Lifeguard and in Programing. Among many other youth-oriented things she volunteered as a Youth Taskforce Worker for the UCC in the Spokane area and went with a youth group as Vacation Bible School Leader to the jungles of Malaysia. She's ready to spend a few summer days with your camper facilitating fun and meaning into their experience with her and Papa Yahweh.

Assistant Camp Director and Assistant Programing: Hadassah Garvin
Hadassah has been wanting to get kids together who believe like her for a long time (the same as her mom). Last year, at 13 years old she decided to do it herself. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, she picked a date, created a schedule, got the location and called her friends––then told her mom about it. Her camp had 4 girls last summer. It was so fun that she wants to do it again! This summer she is hoping for 16 kids to join her!

Boy's Director: Isaac Garvin
Isaac worked year-round for 5 years at Camp MiVoden as Maintenance. He says it was the best job he ever had.



Can parents join camp? No. You are welcomed to stay for a few hours on Thursday during the afternoon to help your child get settled, but parents are asked to leave before dinner on Thursday and then pickup their child on Sunday after 2pm. To attend a family-type situation, Teshuvah Ministries hosts a Family Sukkot every year in the Fall that you are welcomed to register for.) Thank-you!

Drop off and Pick up: Parents will need to drop off their campers and pick them up from camp. No transportation is available.

        Drop off:  Thursday, 2 pm

        Pick-up:   Sunday, 2 pm (late pick-up option is available)

Registration Form and Waivers: Parents will need to register and pay for their camper by clicking on the register button above. Then a registration form, liability waiver, release form will be emailed and parents must mail those forms back within 2 weeks to confirm their campers spot.

Sickness: If your camper gets sick you will need to come get them right away.

Emergency Phone: We will check messages on our phone and give a quick update to parents of the younger campers. Contact with parents during summer camp can disrupt a campers experience of camp and make them homesick so we ask that contact be minimal. Thank-you! (They will have much to tell you when they get home!!! )

Sleeping / Bathroom / Shower Arrangement: Girls will be girl tents with Rebekah. Boys will be in the boys tents with Isaac. The park has flush toilets and separate bathrooms and showers for boys and for girls.

Expectations and Discipline: Campers are expected to join in with all camp activities including food preparation and clean up. Campers are expected to be respectful of their fellow campers and the camp staff. In the rare case of discipline problems parents will be contacted and expected to come get their child with no refund.

Cancelation: You may cancel your reservation up to 15 days before camp for 50% refund. Any cancellations within 15 days to camp are non-refundable.

Not Allowed: Guns, drugs, alcohol, computers, ipads, or gameboys. All electronic devices (except phones which will can ONLY be used to take pictures with) will be confiscated until the end of camp.



2:00    Campers are dropped off and set up camp

3:00    Activity
6:00    Dinner
7:00    After Dinner Activity
8:00    Campfire
9:00    Night Games
10:00  Bed Time and all Quiet


8:00    Wake up
8:30    Breakfast
9:30    Camp Counsel

10:30  Craft Activity
12:30  Light Lunch
1:00    Lake Activities
4:30    Prep camp and selves for Shabbat
6:30    Special Erev Shabbat Dinner
7:00    After Dinner Activity
8:00    Campfire and Afterglow 
10:00  Bed time and all Quiet


9:00    Wake up
9:30    Breakfast
10:30  Camp Counsel
11:30  Hike and Picnic Lunch
2:00    Lake Activities
4:00    Quiet Time; Finish craft   
5:30    Special Dinner  
7:00    Campfire and kosher marshmallow roast 
9:00    Night games
10:00  Bed time and all Quiet


8:00    Wake up
8:30    Breakfast
9:30    Camp Counsel
10:30  Pack and take camp down

11:30  Autograph Books and take pictures
12:00  Beach and Light Lunch

2:00    Parents pick up campers

The first Melchizedek Youth Summer Camp in the World! Established 2016.


A summer camp for Melchizedek youth!

Experience a Summer Camp Idaho style for Israelite youth who believe in Yahshua ha'Mashiach and his Royal Law of Love! Spend a few simple, old-fashioned summer days where you will camp in tents, huckleberry pick and cook over an open fire! Activities include hiking scenic mountain trails, playing group sports and participating in lots of fun lake activities like swimming, paddle boarding and canoeing. Evening Campfires and Morning Camp Counsels will have you learning about the Story you were born into and singing praises to Yahweh Elohim. You'll also do a super groovy Hebrew craft to take home! Come make friends and memories during our SIMPLE and NON-RUSHED summer camp––come and praise Yahovah Elohim with your young laughter and joy!

Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.