Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.

Plus you get 2 FREE items:

  • MIKVAHHANDOUT. Read about the Mikvah and how to do it. Copy and give this away in your Shavuot baskets. 1- 8.5 x 11, 6 pages, 2-sided color.

  • SHAVUOT PARALLELS HANDOUT. Study the parallels between the First Shavuot Contract and the Second Shavuot Contract. Copy and give away in your baskets. 1-8.5 x 11.

 The Shavuot Packet

Available again next year. Please check back around April 2018

"The Shavout packet was beautiful and everyone really liked the poster.  Very well done.  Loved everything!"

– Dianne

The Shavuot Packet includes 7 items:

  • THE FEAST OF SHAVUOT HANDBOOK. This huge handbook teaches about Shavuot from the Melchizedek perspective. There are teachings, celebration ideas, pictures and recipes. This is the must-have for your Shavuot understanding and celebration. Keep this handy each year to remember what Shavuot is about and how to celebrate it as royal priests. 1- 8.5 x 11 200 B&W pages.

  • MELCHIZEDEK CONTRACT GRAPH SCROLL. You can hang this on your wall during the Feast and teach from it. Totally worth $365 itself! Shows the change from Levitical Priesthood (First Contract) to Yahshua's Melchizedek Priesthood (Second Contract). A must have! We have been working on this graph for years! 1- 18" x 144" color.

  • SHAVUOT POSTER, Hang this in your home as you come up to the Feast and during it to  remember what Shavuot is about and what we are to do for it. 1- 18 x 24’ foam mounted.

  • NEW MELCHIZEDEK CONTRCTKETUBAH. After you mikvah you'll want to read and sign this family Ketubah and then keep up on your wall throughout the year so that you can remember what you promised Yahovah. 1- 16 x 20” foam mounted.

  • NEW COVENANTMEZUZZAH DOCUMENT. Read, sign and put into your special mezuzzah that lives in on your door post/frame. 1- 4.5 x 17” color.

  • SHAVUOT POEMTABLETOP. This is a pretty addition to your banquet table. 1- 5.5 x 8.5 .

  • 5 POCKET SHAVUOT HANDBOOKS. Hand these out in your Shavuot baskets that you give away to your family and friends. 5-4.25 x 6.88

Celebrate the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) from a royal perspective.


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"Love love the Shavuot is put together with much care and detail..the story boards are wonderful! We are so blessed. Thanks be to YHVH..for your ministry's devotion to Yahshua the Kinsman Redeemer!! We look forward to many more as Yahweh tarries...much love!"

– Joe n Eileen."

"Your Shavuot Handbook is invaluable. It is sooo amazing!"

– Casey

Comments / Reviews:

"Received our package .... beautiful!! You can tell how much time, prayer, energy and thought you put into every detail. We will be framing for sure..worth every penny and then some! Just the thought and amount of detail is well worthy of price..WE ARE OVERJOYED! Much love and Yaweh's blessings!"

Joe and Eileen, Nebraska