Passport to Purpose:

Live out your royal calling!

Discover the true purpose of your life, the royal assignment that awaits you and what it will require. Be inspired to join the Royal Priesthood for you are urgently needed!

Every day of Sukkot, the editors of Dr. David Perry's book, Back to the Melchizedek Future will be unpacking the Melchizedek priesthood, how it contains your life's calling and how it will affect you and your family You will leave inspired!


JOIN US FOR SUKKOT: Date will be announced after the Head of the 6018 Year is found


Date TBA Take this as your vacation and enjoy a full 10-day stay!

This Feast is an 8 day Feast. But because we are requiring campers to show up the day before Sukkot and stay until the day after Sukkot (to honor the High Shabbats of the Feast) this makes it a 10-day stay. So, as you make plans to join us, keep in mind that we are requiring campers to check-in Sunday, October 16 by 5pm and have their camp set up by Sunday sunset. Likewise, no one may break camp to leave on the final High Shabbat, Monday, October 24. Thank-you for considering YHVH's rules concerning His Shabbat as you make plans to attend.

Get involved and take on a Leadership Position 

We have many volunteer positions available for you to choose from. Upon registration we will send you a list and description of all the positions available. Apply after you register. There will be a required phone interview and references to get the position. All Leadership Volunteers will be required to attend training on Sunday, October 15 from 12-2 pm and a meeting every morning from 9:15-9:45 am. Volunteers receive a registration discount. Your family may have several volunteers, but we can only allow  one discount per family.


Located TBA (North Idaho)

We are so excited to be renting a facility  this year for Sukkot! Not only is this a very cute and small facility out of town, but there are heated cabins and 2 bath houses with flush potties and showers! Yepee! There is also an indoor meeting area, a commercial kitchen, outdoor picnic area, a small beach, an ampitheater and hiking trails. You will love this little camp!

Bring your RV, Pitch a Tent or stay in a Cabin

We are so excited to offer heated cabins to those who are flying in or who are concerned about the weather in North Idaho in October. This could be a game changer for you, if you have been considering joining us for Sukkot but are worried about the weather. Please register asap to secure your cabin or bunk (first come, first serve).


There are 6 heated cabins that sleep 8 people each (bunk beds). Cabin lodging will be given to those who register first as follows:

  • 1 cabin dedicated for single men
  • 1 cabin dedicated for single women
  • 4 cabins dedicated for families

RV's: There is limited space for RV's, but no hookups. RV spots will be first-come, first-serve on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016.

TENTING: Tenting in North Idaho can be fun even in October, if you have the right gear. There is lots of space for your tent or sukkah! Prime tenting spots will be first-come, first-serve on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016.




Community Dinners

We are having what we call Community Dinners each night of Sukkot. This is where everyone brings something to contribute to the meal (Oneg or Potluck). To help streamline your packing we have themes for our dinners, so you can plan ahead and bring according to the theme. There will always be room for juice and desert. Teshuvah Ministries will provide the paper ware needed. The one major thing we ask is that you bring Organic or at least Non-GMO food to share with the Bride of Yahshua! Note that: two of the dinners Teshuvah Ministries is providing. And you are on your own for all other meals (breakfast and lunch).

Sunday: Provided

Monday: Haystacks (Taco Salad)
Tuesday: Soup and Bread
Wednesday: Mexican Theme
Thursday: Potato Bar
- (Potatoes provided)
Friday: Lemon (Etrog) Theme
Shabbat: Italian Theme
Sunday: Provided
Monday: Leftovers

If you are looking for a fun, family and heart-friendly Melchizedek-minded Sukkot program and are willing to travel, this is the place and program for you!

We are planning a full program that will guide you into Yahshua's Melchizedek priesthood, inspire your heart and give your mind a new focus. Our program will invite the Ruach ha'Kodesh to show up and teach us how to tabernacle with YHVH Elohim and each other. This Sukkot could change your life! Come! You'll leave nourished, encouraged and have clarity! Upon check-in you will get a print out of the entire schedule. You don't want to miss this Sukkot! Here's a taste:

  • During morning Camp Counsels  you will bathe in music and a Melchizedek teaching by Teshuvah Ministries Executive Director, Rebekah Qara' bat Yahovah. A Kiddi-Korral is a place where you can sit with your little ones and listen to the service at the same time!


Camp Counsel Topics Include (but not limited to):

  • What is the offer?
  • Melchizedek Order Overview and Why this matters to you
  • Who is the Melech Tzadek and High Priest?
  • The Call on your Life to be Priest and Bride
  • Shut up and just Do it!
  • Priesthood organization and it's Government
  • Royalty Equals Servant and Bearing Fruit
  • New Contract Benefits
  • Priesthood Power and Job Description

  • In the evening there will be Campfires and Big Events where there will be more music, stories, teaching, dances and group activities.

  • Afterglow is a quieter time when you can hang with friends in the warm Community Sukkah until curfew (10:30pm).

  • During the day there will be Youth Activities of sports, games and crafts. There will be Kiddo-Care for tired mommy's and general Free Time so you can explore the forest and lake or just take a nap.

  • The very successful YiPP-O Program (Youth Participation Pay-Out) is back where youth under the age of 18 get to earn play Hebrew sheckels to use at the  Camp Store for sponsored snacks. Our Camp Store will be expanded this year to include items you'll want to purchase and take home as treasures or gifts for others.

  • This year we will also have a Camp Cafe' where teens and adults can purchase a drink and hang out. Adults can earn Camp Cafe' Bucks throughout the week to use to get a hot drink and cookie.

  • There will be special events like two Erev Shabbat Banquets, a Birthday Party for Yahshua and a special group Shemini Atzeret Hike and Picnic.

  • And finally, you'll want to participate and enter into Melchizedek priesthood service at our Melchizedek Priest Dedication Ceremony.