Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.


Program Directors - ISAAC AND REBEKAH

The Feast hosts who create the overall program and speaks at the main meetings on the week's theme

Program Assistant Directors - JOE AND VICKY

Gives input, advice, wisdom to the Directors and helps to create the overall event. Helps execute Teshuvah Ministries Sukkot Program.

Program MC - JOE

A happy meeting host who makes the announcements, presents the speakers, blows (or finds someone to) the shofar for all meetings, First person on stage to welcome the people.

Campground Host     
Assists guests with their camping needs throughout the week––a camper themselves. Enforces the curfew.

Camp Store Manager    - VICKY
Keeps camp store stocked. Sells items and makes change. Reconciles books. Assists Rebekah when store is open.

Camp Cafe’ Director and Assistant  - MAGGIE AND HADASSAH  
Opens and runs the Camp Cafe’ twice daily.

A/V Manager    
In charge of the Audio and Visual for the meetings. Perhaps brings a projector and screen?

Takes video throughout the week of all aspects of Sukkot for Teshuvah Ministries to use in future videos.

Takes photos during Sukkot for the End of the Week’s Slide show and Teshuvah Ministries advertising needs. Takes directory photos.

Social-media Marketing Officer    
Promotes Sukkot Campmeeting registration prior Sukkot on social-media and engages people after Sukkot, too.

Checks-in and checks-out campers; makes sure all campers fill out necessary paperwork. Receives and distributes campers “freewill offerings” for Teshuvah Ministries. Preps thank-you cards.

Song Service Team    
Must have musical talent and able to play guitar and lead song service at the beginning of each meeting, twice daily. Changes songs to use The Names.

Youth Activity Leader (over 21) and Assistant    
Leads 7-18 year old afternoon program. Sports. Fun. Crafts.

Children’s Program Leader and Assistant    
In charge of Kiddo-Korral during meeting times. Provides Kiddo-Kare in afternoon for 0-6 year olds–mommy time.

Community Dinner Host and Assistant     
In charge of evening Community Meal times. Sets the happy tone for dinner together. Receives people’s food, stocks paper ware, sets up tables, rings dinner bell, finds someone to do the collective blessing, basic clean up.

Mini-Sukkah Contest Coordinator and Judge    
Engages families in a fun mini-sukkah building contest and gives out prizes at end of the week for most creative.

Local Outreach Director    
Finds a way to involve campers in reaching out to the surrounding community during Sukkot

Dance Leader     
Leads and teaches one dance each night during the evening song service. Perhaps a variety of dance styles?

Talent Night Scout and Host     
Finds and pre-qualifies people who want to participate in the Talent Show. Fun host for Show!

Family Game Night Coordinator and Host     
Leads interactive games that will bring families together. Initiative Game style. Team building fun!

Cleaning Crew Supervisor / Maintenance     
Engages families to share in the cleaning (meeting hall, kitchenette, bathroom, etc). Makes sure done properly

Laundry Lady    
Provides a one-time laundry service for campers who are in need using our facilities. $10 / load.