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Hadassah on Sukkot (00:1:43 min)


(Feast of Tabernacles) Overview

Torah Command:

Lev. 23:33-34; Ex.34:22;

When is it?:

Starts the 15th Day of the 7th Month and goes for 7 days

We are to:

Keep the first day as a High Shabbat; build a booth to live in all week long, take the boughs of beautiful trees and rejoice before YHVH, make a pilgrimage (ultimately someday to Jerusalem)

Also known as:

Feast of Booths, Feast of Ingathering, Feast of Tabernacles


Sukkot is one of Yahweh's 3 pilgrimage Feasts (Chag) for Israel to partake in. It is a 7 day Feast that is full of beauty and prophetic implications. It is a time to rejoice and practice living together as a community while we await the arrival of the King –– our Bridegoom and then YHVH who will live with us from the 8th milenium on! The depths of Sukkot are found in discovering how much YHVH wants to live with his creation.

Sukkot Basics Teaching (1:14:48)

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