Bible Pathways Adventures


Artists who are using their talents to create resources for our kids. Coloring / activity pages, etc.

Batya Wooten

Alliance of Redeemed Israel

Batya is clearly the expert at understanding the 2 sticks, Ephraim and Judah, and their role in prophecy. She is passionate about the restoration of the whole house of Israel. Her messages ties in with and supports Jim Staley's Identity Crisis incredibly well.

We list here some ministries and teachers whom we respect and feel have been anointed in certain areas to teach. This is not everyone -- just a short list. Please read our "disclaimer" below. I will be adding more names to this list later....

Dr. David Perry, Th.D.

Torah Without Rabbinics

David's expertise in in understanding the Melchizedek Covenant and Issues and the difference between the Book of the Law ans the book of the Covenant. His research is deep and thorough. He is an excellent defender of Yahshua's priesthood using strong Scriptural and Hebrew research.

Johnathan Park

Vision Forum

Movies for the ears! Bible adventure stories for the kids. Lots of Creation vs Evolution topics. Radio Theater!

Devorah's Date Tree


New Moon and Aviv reports from the Land of Israel.

John Eldredge

Ransomed Heart Ministries

YHVH has given John incredible insight into how the heart works. He exposes the effects of false religion on our hearts and what has gotten in the way of our hearts being healed. He is an expert at unpacking the Sacred Romance, the heart of YHVH toward us, our hearts desire and the Epic Story we were born into.

Michael Rood

A Rood Awakening

Michael and his team are experts on the Biblical Calendar (Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon). He debunks all other calendars and is restoring Israel to the Creator's Calendar. He also is an expert on the Spring and Fall Feasts of the Lord, the Sign of Jonah and the Chronology of Yahshua's time on Earth––helping reveal the true work of the Messiah.

Matthew Nolan

Torah to the Tribes

Matthew teaches on the 2 books: the Book of the Law and the Book of the Covenant. His teachings are much based out of his study of Dr David Perry, Th.D.'s research, but he has plenty of his own research he brings to the table. He has an openly Melchizedek-focused assembly in Oregon.

Disclaimer: The only teacher that has ALL Truth was and is Rabbi Yahshua. To assume that a teacher who has been given special understanding in one aspect of YHVH's Kingdom is an expert on all aspects is heading down a dangerous path--both the seeker and the teacher. Therefore, we believe that YHVH anoints certain people with revelation and understanding on topics of YHVH's choosing, but that He doesn't anoint that same person to speak with authority on every subject. Carefully consider and discern the difference between that which a teacher has been anointed to preach and that which they are just offering their opinion on, have not researched fully or that which has an agenda that is not lined up with Scripture. No teacher, book or resource listed here has all Truth. Yet every teacher, book or resource listed here clearly has an anointing sent from YHVH for Israel.

Caution should be taken when considering throwing a teacher and their anointed message out the moment an error found in things they are actually not anointed to preach. At some point we all fall short, but YHVH still works through his servants. Glean. Take the message that is true, apply it to your life and thank YHVH that that person was willing to stand up and speak it.

We submit a teacher's name with our suggestion as to what their expertise and assignment is. Please know that there are some teachers that are included here who are not keeping the Contract yet, but who have been anointed with a crucial message that we need. They can not be left out because their anointing is clearly from YHVH. Pray that they will come to discover the Narrow Path.

We also want to suggest that it is hard on the heart to constantly be looking for the next best teaching on a Torah or Kingdom subject (ie: what calendar to follow) and to continually be open to every new teaching that comes along on that same subject. Yes, a Melchizedek priest will study, divide the Truth, let the Ruach guide them and then they they will make a decision. They will commit to it, own it and really life it out (do it). They will know if it has lasting power after seeking to live it out for a least a year. We hope our list of resources helps you see the unique assignment and anointing of each of these teachers and writers. Enjoy learning from them!

Jim Staley

Passion for Truth Ministries

Jim's expertise lies in attracting Christians to the Torah and helping them see they might be part of Scattered Israel. He sees the connection between grace and law, heart and duty. Anointed to speak on teh restoration of all 12 Tribes of Israel as well as revealing the pagan holidays. His teaching style cares for the heart.