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Take Care of Your Heart

Rebekah talks to Teshuvah youth about why it is important to care for your heart..

A Creation Observation

Our family's observation of the Grand Canyon is in favor of an intelligent Designer Creator who loves us with all his heart and we have concluded that the theory of evolution is insulting to our intelligence. The Grand Canyon is a reminder of the judgment that YHVH made on the world long ago and invites you to repent and return to the Creator so that you will escape the final judgment.

Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.

We must Believe in WHAT to be Saved?

When we were Christians we were taught that all we had to do to be saved was to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." But that's not what the Scriptures say. Sit with Isaac on a Shabbat morning as he unpacks what is meant by "believe on me and you will be saved" for his teenage daughter, Maggie.

Be A Leader Like Yahshua. The book, Jesus CEO determines that Yahshua had 3 catagories of strengths that made him a great leader: The strength of self-mastery, the strength of action and the strength of relationships. In her "flick" Rebekah explores just a few of Rabbi Yahshua’s visionary leadership masteries in relationship to the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouze and Posner.