Promoting a simple and joyful understanding of Yahshua's Royal Priesthood and what we are to be doing with our lives.

RebekahCo Products

Multiple videos. Rebekah shows you some of the products available in her online store.

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Be A Leader Like Yahshua. Single video. The book, Jesus CEO determines that Yahshua had 3 catagories of strengths that made him a great leader: The strength of self-mastery, the strength of action and the strength of relationships. In her "flick" Rebekah explores just a few of Rabbi Yahshua’s visionary leadership masteries in relationship to the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouze and Posner.

Hebrew Roots Club at Boise State University

Multiple videos. Videos from Rebekah's stint as the Hebrew Roots Club Founder and President at BSU 2014.

The Melchizedek Feast Diva Show

Single video. A 35 minute made-for Boise Community TV program about using creativity in your Feast celebrations. For Melchizedek Feast Divas and Designers, Rebekah and Hadassah inspire worshipers to be thoughtful and creative in the ways in which they chose to celebrate the Biblical Feasts of YHVH.

Car Talk with Rebekah

Multiple videos. Rebekah drives and talks about whatever is laid on her heart.

1 - How to be Set-Apart

2 - Don't Touch Christmas

3 - How to eat of Yahshua

Modern Pioneering Channel

Multiple videos. A little bit about our "wilderness time." These videos are not so much the why as the what.

Royal Teens Channel

Multiple videos. What's it look like for the youth to walk in the ways of YHVH? Join Maggie and Hadassah for random fun videos about their walk as teens who are walking the narrow path of the Melchizedek priesthood.

Old Campfire Songs with New Lyrics

Multiple videos. Rebekah takes her favorite camp songs (mainly form the 60's and 70's) and changes the words to reflect her beliefs –– so that she can sing them!  She's new to the guitar -- so give her a break!  :-)

Hebrew Vocab BLOCK

12 fun videos that look at 12 Hebrew words, how to pronounce them (okay, like Rebekah pronounces them :-) but more importantly - how to apply them to your life!  The words explored in this Block are: "YHVH", "Yahshua", "Shabbat", "Shalom", "Mo'edim","Melchizedek", Mikvah "Ahmein*", "Teshuvah*", "Ruach ha'Kodesh", "Elohim*" and "Israel*. *Still being edited.

Our Visit to Israel

Multiple videos. Our family got to go to the Land of Israel for Sukkot 2017. These are little videos about our time there. Planning our trip; what we saw there and how we felt about it.

Mid-Week with Rebekah

Multiple videos. These were "mini-shows" Rebekah does during the week to check-in with the Ladies in her Facebook Group. In these short LIVE videos she addresses a variety of subjects as the Ruach ha'Kodesh moves on her heart.

The Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Variety Show Season 1-Archived

Multiple videos. A Show for Melchizedek-minded Scattered Israel brought to you by Isaac and Rebekah. Join the Garvins for a fun and meaningful online gathering aimed at supporting women living in the rhythm of repentance. You'll be blessed! Season 2 starts 8/8/18

Rebekah's Kitchen Channel

Multiple videos. Rebekah has a creative way of cooking and baking.... enjoy!

Picnic Table Talk with Rebekah

Multiple videos. Rebekah does a picnic table Bible study of certain Royal Law points that you need to know about.

1 - Tithe

2 - Kosher

Are you Lonely?

Single video. Rebekah talks about being lonely in this movement. She encourages you in your loneliness.


(These are Playlists and some of individual videos.

For all our videos go to our growing YouTube Channel)

Ezer Kenegdo Channel

Multiple videos. Yah's ezer kenegdo's are waking up to lead their families into proper worship. I am calling these ladies, Ladies of Teshuvah. They are repenting of serving their families pagan worship and are being moved by the Ruach ha'Kodesh  to lead their families back to obeying and worshiping YHVH Elohim.

Biblical Feast Event Trailers

Multiple videos. A growing archive of trailers that feature Teshuvah Ministries' expression of Yahovah's Appointed Times. Compelling photos, video and music will invite you into wanting to celebrate Papa's Feasts and Festivals with delight, beauty, excellance, thought and creativity.

A Creation Observation

Single video. Our family's observation of the Grand Canyon is in favor of an intelligent Designer Creator who loves us with all his heart and we have concluded that the theory of evolution is insulting to our intelligence. The Grand Canyon is a reminder of the judgment that YHVH made on the world long ago and invites you to repent and return to the Creator so that you will escape the final judgment.

Royal Feasts Basics BLOCK

Multiple videos by Rebekah. There is a calendar rhy≠thm that Yahovah wants us to practice and live out. We firmly believe that this Holy Day rhythm is where the rubber of repentance hits the road. This rhythm will cost you everything you have because it challenges the very core of pagan worship. Celebrating these appointments is worship and it is preparing for the return of the King.

Mom's Movie Reviews

Multiple videos. A mom's review of movies her teenage daughter wants to watch. I am an Israelite believer who cares about what things my family "eats" with their eyes, ears and mouth! :-)