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The Hebrew Vocab Block

12 separate fun videos that look at 12 Hebrew words, how to pronounce them (okay, like Rebekah pronounces them :-) and how to apply them to your life! 

The words explored in this Block are: "YHVH", "Yahshua", "Shabbat", "Shalom", "Mo'edim","Melchizedek", "Ahmein*", "Teshuvah*", "Ruach ha'Kodesh","Mikvah*", "Elohim*" and "Israel*. *Still being edited.

Teachings on the Biblical Feasts
The Hebrew Meaning of 12 words


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Mo'edim Trailers

A growing archive of trailers that feature Teshuvah Ministries' expression of Yahovah's Appointed Times. Compelling photos, video and music will invite you into wanting to celebrate Papa's Feasts and Festivals with delight, beauty, excellance, thought and creativity.

The Mo'edim Block

There is a calendar rhythm that Yahovah wants us to practice and live out. We firmly believe that this Holy Day rhythm is where the rubber of repentance hits the road. This rhythm will cost you everything you have because it challenges the very core of pagan worship. Celebrating the Mo'edim is worship and it is preparing for the return of the King. A growing video resource teaching about the Feasts of YHVH.

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Teachings on the Biblical Feasts

We must Believe in WHAT to be Saved?

When we were Christians we were taught that all we had to do to be saved was to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." But that's not what the Scriptures say. Sit with Isaac on a Shabbat morning as he unpacks what is meant by "believe on me and you will be saved" for his teenage daughter, Maggie.

The Melchizedek Feast Diva Show

A 35 minute made-for Boise Community TV about using creativity in your Feast celebrations. Melchizedek Feast Divas and Designers, Rebekah and Hadassah, inspire worshipers to be thoughtful and creative in the ways in which they chose to celebrate the Biblical Feasts of YHVH.