The plan at the time of the Exodus was for Israel to become a kingdom of Melchizedek priests to the world. Through Israel the whole world was to be blessed by bringing the nations into Israel and into covenant with their Creator so that they could be saved. Among many things, Yahshua came to give was a way for Israel to again become his Melchizedek priests to the world. He was made the high-priest and king after the order of Melchizedek. Those of us who have taken our place in his New Covenant and have made him our head (authority) are his priests to the world. His royal priesthood. His Melchizedek priests Buy the Back to the Melchizedek Future book. 

Therefore, we do not keep all 613 laws, nor do we wear tzitzits on the corners of our garments, because that means we believe we are under the Levitical, imposed "due to transgressions" law (Gal 3:9). We keep the Everlasting Royal Law found in Ex.19-24 and all surrounding Melchizedek Issues found before Ex.19 that are expounded upon in the Royal Law or after in the Levitical Law.

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We are Melchizedek Priests