We have been asked who taught us; what books we’ve read and what video teachings we’ve seen that have influenced our walk. We are happy to share. These are teachers whom we have gleaned from as we have journeyed out of Babylon (and yes, we have read or watched all of these and more). Please know that I can only recommend the specific teachings I’ve linked here. With that said, some of these were early in our walk and now we have a deeper and clearer understanding of the Story than the authors knew at the time. But I am so thankful for these people. They have greatly influenced our walk into the heart of Yahovah Elohim.

By Ty Gibson

See with New Eyes - Book
An Endless Falling in Love - Book
A God Named Desire - Book

By Sydney Cleveland

White Washed - Book

By John Eldredge

Waking the Dead - Book
Wild at Heart - Book
Journey of Desire - Book
The Sacred Romance - Book
Epic - Book and DVD
The Utter Relief of Holiness - Audio CD’s
Desire - LIVE - Audio CD’s
The Four Streams - Audio CD’s
The Good Heart - Audio CD’s
The Hope of Prayer - Audio CD’s
How Not to Lose Heart - Audio CD’s
Beautiful Outlaw - Book
Fathered by God - DVD

By John and Staci Eldredge

Captivating - Book


Ransomed Heart Ministries: Boot Camp / Advanced / Captivating

Frank Viola

Pagan Christianity - Book

Greggory Boyd

God of the Possible - Book
God at War - Book
Satan and the Problem of Evil - Book

Mark Buchanan

The Rest of God; Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath - Book

Bruce Marchiano

Jesus, the Man who Loved Women - Book

Bart Ehrman

Forged - Book

Michael Rood

Prophecies in the Spring Feasts of the Lord - Video
Prophecies in the Fall Feasts of the Lord - Video
The Jonah Code - Video
The Creator’s Calendar - Video
The Creator’s Time Clock - Video
The Mikvah - Video
Chronology of the Revelation - Video
Truth and Tradition - Video
The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple - Video
The Real Mount Sinai - Video
Raiders of the Lost Book - Video
The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed - Book
The Chronological Gospels - Book
Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar - Book

Ephraim Frank

Return to the Land - Book

Keith Johnson

A Prayer to our Father - Book
Scripture Bytes with Keith Johnson - Videos

Nehemia Gordon

Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus - Book

Batya Wooten

Who Is Israel? Redeemed Israel - Book
Redeemed Israel - Reunited and Restored - Book
Israel's Feasts and Their Fullness - Book

Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal

The Feasts of the Lord: God's Prophetic Calendar from Calvary to the Kingdom - Book

Richard Rives

Too Long in the Sun - Books and Videos

Steve Collins

Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient "Superpower" and Its Role in Biblical History (The Lost Tribes of Israel) - Book
Israels Tribes Today - Book

W.H. Bennet

The Story of Celto-Saxon Israel - Book

Dr. David Perry, Th. D.

Back to the Melchizedek Future - Book
Covenants of Promise - Book

Jim Staley

Truth and Traditions - Video
The Great Deception Recognizing the Voice of the Enemy - Video
Identity Crisis - Video
End Of The Age - Islam, the Antichrist, and Mystery Babylon - Video
The "Sons of God" and the Nephilim - Video

Boaz Nieuwhof

Eve YHWH's Lifegiver - Video

Skip Moen, Ph.D.

Guardian Angel Part 1 - 5 - Videos
Guardian Angel - Book