Captivate Your Family: Join Rebekah to talk about the

ezer-enegdo (crucial) role a woman plays in her family's journey back to the ways of Yahweh.

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Women play a crucial role in their family as they walk out repentance in their home. Not only do we have the power to captivate our family, but we have a "captive audience" and our "performance" is the real-life walking out of the covenant in our life and home. Our repentance is a big deal, because at the end of the day, you and I will stand before our Creator and he will show us how our life eternally affected the lives of our children and our husbands.

Rebekah's workshop is specifically designed for women who are guiding their family in this new Hebrew rhythm of Biblical repentance. During Rebekah's workshop she addresses the issue of what repentance looks like on a women and "how" we as women are to "do" this Hebrew walk. You will be inspired and encouraged, seen and validated for the role you are playing in your family's walk of repentance. You will feel new  freedom, find permission to walk in your beauty and you will be  empowered through Rebekah's Feast Workshop to "DIY" at home with creativity,


freedom and joy. Leave the workshop with a start to your plan for how you and your family will celebrate the upcoming Feasts.

Rebekah has been walking this path for a decade with her own family. She wants to share her knowledge and experience with other women who are courageously obeying Yahweh at all costs. She believes that it is absolutely imperative that you stay the course––come and she will tell you why.

So, if you are feeling lonely in your journey out of Babylon; or if your experience in this movement so far has been characterized by pain; or if you are frustrated with the how-to's of this Hebrew walk –– don't worry, you are not alone. Leave the kiddos and husband at home and come share in this relaxed, yet valuable time together to talk about how to walk out repentance in your home.

Learn what the 3 calls are on a women's life and

what it looks like to walk it out.