As MIchael Rood says, a gentile is not a pagan, but an "out-of-covenant Israelite." It is understood that Paul was not preaching to the pagans, he was preaching to the Scattered Israelites from the Northern Kingdom that were not allowed in because they were "out-of-covenant...."

Promoting a simple understanding of the Royal Priesthood

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Are you a Lady of Teshuvah?

A woman plays a powerful role in the repentance (or not) of her family. Both Adam and Chavah must play their respective roles in order to walk in oneness and in the full power of repentance.

Repentant Chavah is a “Lady of Teshuvah” and her beauty is much needed in Papa’s effort to win the war raging on Adam’s heart and the hearts of our children!

Please join me as I grow resources for you to be successful in walking out a captivating repentance.



​MAY 6-7, 2017



"Since gentiles are grafted in, are gentiles separate from the Hebrews in the sense of their religious festivals & practices? Yahshua is the fulfillment of the law."


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