In this 10 minute flick Rebekah looks at the leadership of Rabbi Yahshua in relationship to the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouze and Posner. Laurie Beth Jones in her book, Jesus CEO determined that Yahshua had 3 catagories of strengths that made him a great leader: The strength of self-mastery, the strength of actionand the strength of relationships. Rebekah explores just a few

of Yahshua’s visionary leadership masteries.

Yahweh's call of the End of the Age is to come out of man-made religion to join the Royal Priesthood! Tell your friends!

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The work of Yahshua produced a "change in law." Elohim DID "nail something to the cross." And there IS something that "remains" (which would logically also mean that something does not remain anymore). We are not adding to nor subtracting from Torah. We are "dividing" Truth as the Scriptures says to do . We are looking at the Larger Story and the movements of Yahweh our Elohim. It is the job of the Melchizedek priest to "divide Truth." Disciples of King Yahshua must know how to do that. They need to know what those things are and then operate in the powerful priesthood Yahweh established through the work of His Son. To ignore these changes is to dishonor what Yahshua did, the position to which Yahweh placed his Son, what Elohim asks of us and how very hard Elohim has worked to provide you salvation. 


Everyday, our family works diligently alongside the Ruach ha'Kodesh seeking out Scattered Israel and creating resources to feed them as they come out of the nations. We are driven by our love for Elohim, the desire to live out repentance ourselves and the need we see for helping Israel understand The Larger Story and how to obey from delight. We hope to guide those coming out of organized religion into the Melchizedek Priesthood and away from false teachers who are sheep in wolves clothing. We seek to provide leaven-free Feast events for Israel and inspire you to join a growing community of happy and hungry people who want to learn how to operate in this royal priesthood and honor the King. We are calling the Scattered house of Israel (you) to come back to Yahweh. Come learn, experience and observe Yahweh’s ways, his calendar and his true holy-day rhythm with us. Respond to the call of the Ruach ha’Kodesh upon your own journey.

Our prayer is that you would have eyes to see and ears to hear –– and then have feet and hands that DO the commands of YHVH in the power of the New Melchizedek Covenant (Contract) with love and delight! :-)

Join us and help us thrive! If our ministry has touched your life or you believe in what we do, then please partner with us to make simple level paths for Scattered Israel coming out of the nations. We do this full time depending upon the support of our partners, like you. The more you partner with us the more we can work together to provide guidance to those who are hungry. Thank-you!



Do you want to be a leader like Yahshua? Here's how.